Webinar: Focus. Shift. Accelerate. The Auto Marketer's New Playbook

The Auto Marketer's New Playbook

Media | 10-19-2018

As an auto marketer, you have a limited window of opportunity to make an impression on prospective customers. There’s simply too much advertising noise for consumers to handle. Between car purchases, the average person is exposed to at least 60,000 automotive ads on TV alone and the problem doesn’t end there. Many times there is a disconnect between the ads people see (whether is on TV, radio or online) and what they experience when they finally make it to the dealership.

Watch this webinar to learn how the exclusive alliance between Nielsen and J.D. Power empowers you to:

  • Focus your marketing efforts on actual car buyers with targeting capabilities unavailable until now
  • Shift media spend in real time to maximize impact on local dealership foot traffic
  • Accelerate results with always-on campaign optimization solutions

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